International Database Transport (for) Feed

International Database Transport (for) Feed (IDTF) is a database of previous loads and corresponding cleaning regimes. The database is created by the ICRT (International Road Transport Committee), consisting of Qualimat, Ovocom, GMP+ International, QS, EFISC-GTP, AIC and AMA.

Striving for assuring of feed safety throughout the animal feed sector, these seven members work on harmonization of their safety requirements in regard to bulk transport on the road. The database gives you insight into the minimum cleaning requirements of the various certification schemes. All products not listed in the IDTF are prohibited as freight prior to the transportation of feed products.

Go to the International Database Transport (for) Feed (IDTF). On the website you will also find the application form for (re) classification of products and procedures for cleaning a loading compartment after transporting a prohibited load.