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International Database Transport (for) Feed

IDTF (International Database Transport for Feed) is a database of previous loads and corresponding cleaning regimes. It was created by the ICRT (International Committee Road Transport), which consists of Qualimat, Ovocom, GMP+ International, QS, EFISC-GTP, AIC and AMA.

Striving for assuring of feed safety throughout the animal feed sector, these seven members work on harmonization of their safety requirements in regard to bulk transport on the road.

This way, the IDTF assembles the minimal cleaning requirements of different certifications schemes, thus simplifying the work for companies operating at an international level. This database is updated on a regular basis by the ICRT. All products not classified in the IDTF are prohibited as loads for means of transporting products used for animal feed.

Visit the International Database Transport (for) Feed (IDTF)You'll find a request form for (re)classification of products here.

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