First company certified under GMP+ FC scheme 2020

Thursday, September 30, 2021

In September, Microbalans, based in Oirschot, The Netherlands, became the first company to be certified under the GMP+ FC scheme 2020. The new scheme is more goal-oriented and easier to read.

After years of preparation, the redesigned scheme was officially launched in March 2021. The scheme was completely reconstructed based on feedback from our community, and was performed in close collaboration with certified companies and chain partners.

On September 1st, Certification Bodies started auditing based on the new scheme. Microbalans from Oirschot, The Netherlands, was the first company certified under the new system.

“As a newly founded company in the feed sector, it is important to have simplicity and structure in business operations”, Jasper Oomen, owner of Microbalans, says. “The GMP+ FC scheme 2020 helps achieving this and ensures feed safety standards that are accepted worldwide. We are thankful to join the growing GMP+ Community and look forward to a beautiful future.”

Control Union Certifications (CUC) is one of the Certification Bodies that is now auditing both new and existing Community members under the GMP+ FC scheme 2020.

“The objective of GMP+FC scheme 2020 is to focus more on the goals, this is a process for customers and auditors”, says Johanna Bontan of CUC. “It takes time for all of us to get acquainted with this new ISO22000-based structure. For us as a CB it meant a lot of training and internal changes in the certifying processes. This first certification gives us confidence that we can transfer all our customers to the new scheme within the three year transition period.”