GMP+ International welcomes its first Registered Consultant in Southeast Asia

Thursday, September 30, 2021

We are gradually building up the market and raising awareness of feed safety in Asia and other regions. 

Hence the vital need for experts and professionals to transfer the principles and guide the industry towards a proper feed safety management system. Recently, a consulting company in Indonesia signed up for the GMP+ Registered Consultant programme and committed itself to supporting the market in achieving feed safety.

The first in Southeast Asia

GMP+ International values locally operating companies and individuals who share GMP+ FSA knowledge and principles with the local market. Welcoming PT. Rei Sistem Indonesia Group who recently joined the GMP+ Registered Consultant programme is a big breakthrough. This is the first GMP+ Registered Consultant in Southeast Asia and we are optimistic that with their commitment and enthusiasm, we will be able to achieve our feed safety goal in Southeast Asia.

PT REI Sistem Indonesia Group

REI Sistem Indonesia Group is engaged in consulting and training. It is the biggest and most reputable management consulting company in Indonesia. As such, it is always developing and innovating to reach out to the Southeast Asia region.

Joining the programme gives the company confirmation that both corporate principles and goals are aligned. We will make sure that the management system, especially GMP+ standards, are implemented properly in Indonesia and in other Southeast Asian countries. We want to build market trust and in becoming a GMP+ Registered Consultant, we guarantee full commitment to supporting companies in obtaining GMP+ FSA certification” says Defri Herianka, Consultant.

PT REI Sistem Indonesia Group is ready to help with various activities. Like training, Gap Analysis, documentation for the implementation of a monitoring system and much more.

Join us and be registered

If you are interested in learning more about GMP+ Registered Consultants and registering your own company, feel free to contact our Business Development department.