GMP+ Registered Consultants Community is Growing

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Two companies joined and re-joined GMP+ International Registered Consultant program. With these additional, we can continue to reach out companies who are interested and ready to be GMP+ Certified.

Welcome Jayvin Management Systems and Solutions Private Limited 

Jayvin is specialised in offering quality management solutions, consultancy and training for various ISO Standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP ISO 22008, SA 8000, ISO 20000 and now the GMP+ FC scheme is included. Jayvin is offering consultancy services in India, Oman and UAE.

Welcome back AT.CF SAS

AT.CF re-joined the GMP+ Registered Consultant community to provide consultancy services to companies in German, French and English-speaking countries. AT.CF is supporting SMEs in the management of their Quality, Health and Safety at Work (OHS), Food Safety (SDA), Environment certification and GMP+ FC scheme.

GMP+ Registered Consultant

Complimentary with other GMP+ International stakeholders, Registered Consultants are providing consultancy services to companies preparing for GMP+ Feed Certification. Currently, 15 companies are registered operating worldwide.

Join us and be registered

If you are interest to learn more about GMP+ Registered Consultant and to register your own company, feel free to contact Olyn San Miquel, Business Development.