Infographic GMP+ Monitoring database now available

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Analyses are essential for the management of feed safety. For certain products, analyses must be performed and the results must be shared in the GMP+ Monitoring database.

GMP+ International assesses and makes necessary updates to the GMP+ FC scheme documents. For example, the classification of countries of cultivation in the Aflatoxin B1 protocol are updated based on the data shared in the GMP+ Monitoring database. Additionally, the analysis results (anonymised) can be requested by the other GMP+ certified companies. With this transparency, we reduce risks to a minimum and monitor feed safety in the chain.

Together we know more

We have made an infographic of all the data shared in 2021 by GMP+ certified companies within the GMP+ Monitoring database. The infographic shows general findings of the monitoring results from 2021. More than 1,100 GMP+ certified companies all over the world share their monitoring data with you. Approximately 220,000 results are available for you in the GMP+ Monitoring database. The more results we share, the better your insight into the safety of the product(s) you buy and/or produce.

These findings can help you get a grip on the latest information about undesirable substances. It can also help you review or update your HACCP studies.

With the GMP+ FC scheme, we are striving together for Feed Safety Worldwide.  In order to get a better insight into risks, we collect and share data (analysis results) with each other.

The facts and figures for 2021, along with helpful tips about the GMP+ Monitoring database, are now available. 


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