Secure feed safety knowledge: join the GMP+ Academy

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Feed companies often struggle to organise knowledge transfer within the organisation. The all-new GMP+ Academy provides you with the tools and training materials needed to acquire and share feed safety skills and expertise.

The GMP+ Academy was launched during an online event on Wednesday July 7. It is a joint initiative of GMP+ International and a group of highly-regarded international training institutes.

Attendants of the live event received a virtual tour of the GMP+ Academy platform, listened to interviews with international feed safety experts, and participated in breakout sessions with GMP+ Registered Training Institutes.

Saving costs, higher quality

According to Johan den Hartog, Managing Director of GMP+ International, knowledge is a crucial prerequisite for successfully implementing feed safety management systems, and to realise feed safety worldwide.

“The GMP+ Academy enables companies to use, develop and share top-of-the-line feed safety training materials. Training institutes and companies will save money and have access to high-quality tools, while the industry can rest assured that companies all over the world base their trainings and policies on the same information.”

Preventing incidents

Angela Booth from AB Agri, who took part in a panel discussion during the launch, stressed that knowledge is critical for preventing incidents – or minimizing their impact. “Incidents always occur because of people doing something, not doing something, or missing the proper knowledge.”

Brazilian feed safety consultant Angela Pellegrino Missaglia told the audience that sharing information is fundamental for a healthy industry. “As clients and suppliers we are all connected, but each of us deals with different methods, regulations and cultures. Having access to the same information and training materials will go a long way in strengthening the chain.”

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