Seven new microlearning modules at the GMP+ Academy

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

A little over six months after the founding of the GMP+ Academy, more and more professionals from the feed sector are using the online platform. In July 2021, GMP+ International launched ten microlearning modules about prerequisites on the platform. 

A microlearning is an accessible way of sharing basic knowledge and skills about feed safety. Companies can use them as refresher courses for their people or to train new employees. The modules last no more than ten minutes and contain lots of practical examples.

The different themes

The new modules, developed in partnership with transport firms from the feed sector, cover aspects such as planning transport, including the use of the IDTF database. In addition, a number of modules have been created especially for drivers, on loading and unloading products and cleaning vehicles used for transport.  Two more general lessons are about the importance of GMP+ certification and applying the HACCP principles.

The modules are available individually or as a single package (with a discount). The microlearning modules are available in English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Loading and unloading

“It helps drivers to be alert to things that are important for feed safety”, says Jan. “Every feed truck driver should do this training!”One of the modules has as its subject ‘Loading, transport and unloading’. Driver Jan Derks van de Ven of HAVENS grain merchants in the Netherlands participated in a user test and describes the microlearning as ‘very instructive’.

Keeping knowledge up to scratch

Roland van der Post, Managing Director of GMP+ International, notes that more and more feed professionals are using the online platform.

“We want all parties in the chain to know about the opportunities offered by the GMP+ Academy. Whether for refresher courses or training new employees, the teaching materials of the GMP+ Academy keep the knowledge within companies up to scratch. The new microlearning modules are a valuable addition to our ever-expanding offering.”

About the GMP+ Academy

The GMP+ Academy was launched in July 2021 by GMP+ International and leading international training institutes. The goal of the GMP+ Academy is to collect knowledge and share it with the global feed safety chain. The platform also offers professionals from the chain the opportunity to talk to one another.