Support material for new GMP+ FC 2020 scheme

Friday, August 21, 2020

Get acquainted with the new scheme and support materials

We would like to give you a status update regarding #ProjectGMP+2020. The renewed GMP+ FSA documents are being assessment by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). Once the RvA has finalized the assessment, we will share publishing dates.  We therefor advise everyone to take a look at our website to get acquainted with the updated documents.

It will help you to find out where to obtain former requirements in the renewed scheme. During your preparation, or when working with the new documents, we offer assistance via support documents and the GMP+ Helpdesk. With this newsletter, we’re sharing a selection of these new support documents.

Support documents

Through our so-called “Support documents” we provide support, guidance and (background) information regarding the GMP+ FC scheme 2020. They contain explanations and provide examples in how to implement the requirements. Most of the guidance documents are based on the former GMP+ D-documents.

Some examples of Support documents:

  • general information & guidelines GMP+ FC scheme 2020;
  • transition(-period) of the GMP+ FC 2020 scheme;
  • specific requirements e.g. HACCP, purchase and traceability.

Cross reference

The GMP+ FC scheme 2020 has a different structure compared to the structure of the former scheme. Although the requirements have not significantly changed, they are now included in new documents and in different chapters. Cross reference tables have been created for the GM+ FSA module, GMP+ FRA module and the certification requirements. The cross-reference tables help you to find where the requirements from the current scheme are laid down in the new GMP+ FC  scheme 2020, and vice versa.

List of changes

Some topics of the GMP+ FC scheme could not be rewritten without changing the content. These changes are minimal, but it is important to be transparent explain what these changes are. Changes are mainly related to:

  • Combining requirements from different documents into one paragraph;
  • Adding ISO 22000 requirements;
  • Reformulating requirements to be more ‘goal-oriented’.

Outcome GMP+ FRA public consultation

The GMP+ FRA module has also undergone a renewal, which follows the same structure and approach as GMP+ FSA. A public consultation for the FRA module took place in June, 2020.

The responses were limited to some (editorial) change proposals and questions about the interpretation of requirements. We appreciate the responses, the final drafts are available on our website.

We will continue to take steps to prepare the GMP+ Community to work with the renewed scheme. Our goal is to publish the final, definitive GMP+ Feed Certification scheme in 2020. For now, we encourage you to have a look at our website to get acquainted with the updated documents.