Take part in the Public Consultation on our new FRA standard for Feed of European Origin

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The GMP+ FRA module will be expanded with a new standard soon and we’d like to hear your opinions during our Public Consultation.

In Europe there is a tendency observable to maximise the use of ingredients of European origin. This is partly due to Europe's dependence on other countries for its food supply, but also due to an increasing desire to obtain fewer or no ingredients from distant sources (in order to achieve a circular food system from soil to mouth).

GMP+ International has developed a draft Market Initiative (MI) document together with representatives of the feed & food industry.

The first draft contains the requirements of the following 3 Dutch market initiatives: A-Ware Food Group, Aanvullende normen biologische zuivel and the Beter Leven Keurmerk.

However, it is to be expected that other regions in Europe will soon follow.

The focus of the new MI 5.5 Feed of European Origin is on sourcing feed ingredients from ‘geographical Europe’. Even though the objectives of the Market Initiatives in the standard are clear, sourcing all types of feed from Europe is not – immediately – possible. Therefore, several exceptions are set out in annexes to the standard and a roadmap will be created to minimise those exceptions over time.

Take part in our Public Consultation

Since we are taking the last steps in finalising the standard, we’d like to hear your views during our Public Consultation.

Here is the link to the draft standard: MI 5.5 Feed of European Origin.

Please use our response form to send in your input. The deadline for your input is 1 August.

After receiving your input, we will prepare a final draft together with our working group and present it to our International Expert Committee. The aim is to publish the standard on 1-1-2022.