GMP+ International starts transition in leadership

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Johan den Hartog (64) transfers leadership and takes on a different role

RIJSWIJK, The Netherlands – On August 1st, 2021, Managing Director Johan den Hartog will take on a different role within GMP+ International. At the age of almost 65, Johan believes it is time for GMP+ International to start the process of transitioning to a next-generation management team.

After almost three decades as part of the leadership team of GMP+ International, Johan will assume the role of Business Development Director for three days a week until his official retirement date. Johan has worked in the animal feed sector for over 40 years, both nationally and internationally.

Transferring duties

Roland van der Post, currently the organisation’s Operations Director, and together with Johan already responsible for day-to-day management, will become the new Managing Director, starting August1st, 2021.He will be joined in the management team by a yet to be named Commercial Director.  The recruitment process for this function will start in April.

“I am very happy with this step”, Johan says. “I certainly do not have a lack of energy, motivation or ideas, but I feel it is in the best interest of GMP+ International to responsibly start transferring my duties and assignments. I have the utmost confidence that my successor, together with our teams and partners, will succeed in expanding our worldwide feed safety-community. I am happy to be able support this transition for a couple of years until my full retirement age.”


Johan den Hartog

Roland van der Post

Roland van der Post

Before joining GMP+ International in 2015, Roland van der Post worked in several leadership roles at ASR/DeAmersfoortse, Fortis Insurance and REAAL Insurances. Roland has a Master in public administration from Leiden University and attended IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“I thank Johan for his tremendous contribution to GMP+ International and to feed safety”, Roland says. “Thanks to him, I will get to lead an organisation that is financially solid and strategically well-prepared for the future. I am thankful to work for such a beautiful company with a global impact. I look forward assuming my new role, and to work with all of our partners to achieve Feed Safety Worldwide.”


The organisational transition is jointly coordinated by the management team, the shareholder and Supervisory Board of GMP+ International. Johan expects to stay in his new role for two years, up until he reaches his retirement age in Spring 2023. In his new position, Johan will have an advisory role to the management team. For questions or comments, contact Johan at