Update risk assessments in FSP

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Within the scope of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, feed materials must be subjected to a safety assessment by means of a risk analysis, in accordance with the HACCP principles. 

Based on a desk study, carried out by the members of Technical Committee Feed Support Products (TCFSP), 35 assessed (20 new, 15 updated) feed materials are included in the Feed Support Product (FSP) list. The inclusion of feed materials in the Feed Support Product list (via the approval of its risk assessment) is a requirement of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Only products on this list can be used by GMP+ certified companies.  

You’ll find an overview of the (new) approved feed materials and background information about the changes in the FSP here

If your feed material is not included in the FSP-list or your process deviates from what is described in the risk assessment, please submit a risk assessment application. Information about the procedure and deadline to participate in a TCFSP meetings is available on our website. In this way we work on feed safety together.

Did you know that…

GMP+ Feed Certification scheme is a worldwide implemented certification scheme for feed safety.  Therefore, different countries can have a different list of authorized feed materials. GMP+ International cannot authorize a product as a feed material. The competent authorities are responsible for authorization. The FSP product list contains feed materials that may be produced and traded within the GMP+ chain. Keep in mind that the FSP Product list has no official legal status. For the legal status always check the national legislation in the country where the product is produced, used or marketed.

The FSP Product list can include synonyms for the feed materials. These synonyms can be a different product name and, if applicable, a reference to the number assigned to the product in the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials or the Feed Material Register. This information is included as “support” to companies to facilitate the connection with those European lists.

After reviewing the whole FSP Product List, GMP+ International has included additional synonyms (references to the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials or numbers of the Feed Material Register) for most of the feed materials. However, the following table includes products that could not be connected.

FSP no. Product
2.141 Safflower expeller
2.202 Soy drinks
4.052 Tapioca fibre
9.037 Egg powder, defatted
13.043 Raisins- / currants water
3.003 Bean pulp
1.142 Wheatgerm oil, crude
13.053 Co-product of the processing of alcohol-water mixture
2.143 Safflower fatty acids, undistilled in refined vegetable oil
1.039 Oat oil, crude
7.017 Marian thistle oil
2.033 Hemp leaves (and flowers)juice, lyophilized

GMP+ International asks if the GMP+ community has any suggestions for the above-mentioned products concerning EU Catalogue of Feed Materials or Feed Material Register numbers.

Be aware that the EU Catalogue of Feed Material and also the Feed Material Register are regularly updated. This means that products can be excluded from the EU catalogue / Feed Material Register (for various reasons), thus no longer considered as feed material in the EU. Products can therefore appear on the FSP Product List without mentioning an EU Catalogue of Feed Material or Feed Material Register number.

This does not mean that these products may no longer be produced , used or marketed within the GMP+ community when they are listed on the FSP Product List. However, it does mean that companies must check the national legislation in the country where the feed material is produced, used either marketed in any form, if the product is classified as feed material.

Please, send your suggestions concerning EU Catalogue of Feed Materials or Feed Material Register numbers of the above-mentioned products to riskassessment@gmpplus.org before June 01, 2022.

Please note: All the changes in the Product List have a direct effect on the GMP+ Monitoring database:

  1. Addition of new feed materials: if new feed materials are included in the FSP-list, these new feed materials will automatically be included in the GMP+ Monitoring database. GMP+ participants can add (and consult) analysis results for these new feed materials.
  2. Modification of feed material names: if the name of a feed material changes in the FSP-Product list (in all or one of the 3 published languages), it will also change in the GMP+ Monitoring database.
  3. Deletion of feed materials: if a feed material is deleted (removed) from the FSP-Product list, the addition of new analysis results for this feed material in GMP+ Monitoring database is no longer possible. However, the historical information on previous analysis results will remain available for consultation.