Welcome New Registered Consultants from Poland and Spain

Thursday, May 27, 2021

GMP+ International welcomes BP Consulting and Duvalis Consulting. The growing commitment of dedicated consultants assures us that companies are being properly guided according to our standards.

Welcome RCs from Poland & Spain

Two new consulting companies from Poland and Spain recently signed up to become GMP+ Registered Consultants. These two countries are two of the most important and fastest-growing markets for the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme because of the market mindset towards feed safety.

Poland: BP Consulting

BP Consulting is the second Registered Consultant from Poland. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise it has gained over the years, BP Consulting will be serving potential clients not only in Poland but in other countries around the globe (services delivered in other English-speaking countries).

“I have been an active GMP+ consultant since 2016 and provide services relating to the scope of documentation, training and preparing companies for certification and/or audits. I have decided to extend my services because I think it is important for my clients to have the best possible solutions in terms of consultancy services. That calls for a qualified and reliable partner. The GMP+ mission is to propagate feed safety around the world. I believe my role is to prepare my clients to fulfil this mission by helping educate companies. My company offer not only includes consultancy but also training for my clients. I am motivated to develop my process in serving companies, not only in Poland but also in other countries.” Bartłomiej “Bart” Podpora, owner BP Consulting.

Spain: Duvalis Consulting

The first GMP+ Registered Consultant in Spain is now ready to support the Spanish market in fulfilling requirements and preparing companies to obtain GMP+ certification and secure existing certification.

“We want to offer our customers a quality assessment programme. We decided to join the GMP+ Registered Consultant programme in order to be sure that we have the most up-to-date information to support our customers. We want to be able to offer our customers the professional and complete support they need. Feed safety is a big responsibility. Our objective is to make the management and knowledge of the feed safety management system easier. We also want to become an active ambassador for feed safety worldwide” says Ms. Claire Vannier, Principal Consultant.

Join us and get registered

If you are interested in learning more about being a GMP+ Registered Consultant and registering your own company, feel free to contact our Business Development.